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We are Mark & Noelle McCoy, a husband & wife photography team serving couples who care deeply about their wedding pictures and who want vibrant and classic imagery that documents their day.  We locally photograph weddings on Mackinac Island, Traverse City, and the Metro-Detroit area.  We have also shot weddings internationally in beautiful places like Guatemala and Italy, not to mention a handful of beautiful places across our own country from North Carolina, to Texas, Tennessee and Ohio!

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 Sit down in comfortable chair, grab a cup of coffee and take a deep breath.  It's Monday, and we have alot to tackle this week, don't we!?  This little blog we've started here is not just about photography, but also about life, what inspires us and some of the details that fall inbetween the lines.  We want to get to know you (leave us a comment or send us an email!) and hopefully you'll get to know alittle more about us.


For starters, we're neither videographers nor cinematographers.  We just happen to own a few camera's that take AH-MAZZZ-ING HD video.  We thought we'd take advantage of that.  So we've created MONDAY'S WITH THE MCCOY'S, it's a chance for us to to chat alittle about life in front of a camera, as opposed to behind it.  Enjoy our first MWTM!



Brian+Sarah - Nashville Wedding Photography

When they met, they were dating other people.  They became the best of friends, and everyone around them knew they were meant for each other, everyone except them.  They both said they were to stubborn to admit their true feelings.  Eventually they dated and he said "I love you" first.  After meeting Sarah+Brian, we agree with everyone, they were meant for each other.  If you looked up "a perfect couple" in Websters dictionary, I think it would have a picture of these two.

Brian is a farmer, and works on his grandfathers farm raising cattle.  They have a "prize winning" cow, her name is Fantasia.  Now, they told Mark and I that she's 100% friendly, and I guess she is because they walked her on a leash like she was a well trained dog.  But when a 1500 pound animal walks towards you, I kid you not, it's exciting but intimidating!  One thing I do know about Fantasia, she likes her picture taken and was a natural in front of the camera.  Here are just a few images for a "Tuesday Teaser"... more to come soon...



The land where Sarah, Brian and Fantasia are standing, is the land they will build their future home on.  It's an amazing piece of property in the country, right next to Brian's family farm.  Sarah+Brian, we are SO grateful that you invited us to visit your home and experience life on a farm for a few hours.

I especially love, how much trouble they had NOT smiling.  It's so obvious that these two trust and enjoy each others company...




Cecilia+Randall - Nashville Wedding Photography

Cecilia+Randall are married!  I loved witnessing the trust between these two... and I say that, because on more than one occasion we watched as Cecilia literally jump up into Randall's strong arms without hesitation!  That's trust... or maybe it's because they've practiced.  As I mentioned before, these two used to reenact the dance scene from Dirty Dancing... and we caught it on film for proof


As for the rest of the day... here are a few the people who helped make the day go smoothly:

Ceremony Location: St.Joseph's Catholic Church, Madison, Tennessee

Reception Location:  The Gaylord Springhouse (and all the yummy food and cake was provided by them as well!)

Coordinator:  Courtney Hammons, A Magical Affair

And here are a few pictures, enjoy!