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Grand Hotel Wedding Photography, Mackinac Island

Getting SO excited for the 2018 wedding season to be here!  I love knowing the island so well, that I can sneak off on my bike to get photo's of our bride and groom riding in the wedding carriage and sharing a quick kiss!  SO SPECIAL!!!

We are nearly booked for 2018, and are starting to book into 2019.  If you'd like to chat with us, we'd love to hear from you!


A bride and groom in the wedding carriage in front of Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island!


Elopement on Mackinac Island


I am thankful for a job that has brought me to Mackinac Island. Because it’s kind of like a dream here. Except it’s not. It’s real. There really are horse drawn carriages, amazing flowers, an 8 mile road with only bikes riding around it, and people walking around with large smiles at all times. People always seem to want to know how Mark and I ended up on this quaint little island, and my answer in a nutshell is curiosity. “What would it be like to work one wedding a year on Mackinac Island?” As a girl who grew up “down-state” in another quaint little town called Northville, I have always loved the little island and the magic you feel every time you step off that ferry boat. Has it always been easy? Has it always made sense? Has it always been a clear path? Of course not. Like I said, this island is real, and so is life living in on it. But, curiosity will lead you down many amazing paths in life, and don’t we owe it to ourselves to follow them?

A big shout out to Carole Erble, for helping this beautiful elopement go off perfectly!!!


Wedding Coordinator: For the Love of Mackinac

Wedding Flowers: Margaret's Garden, Grand Hotel

Wedding Photography:  McCoy Made
Mackinac Island Wedding CarriageA perfect day for a Mackinac Island elopement, followed by a carriage ride around the island!
Mackinac Island ElopementI love when a bride and groom take time in their day for each other, and for pictures around the island! So fun, and relaxing for them!!





Mackinac Island Wedding Carriage

ON A PERSONAL NOTE:  When you’re a photographer on Mackinac Island, you can expect to spend your work days #sweatydirtyhappy.  Not everything will go as planned, you will never feel as neat and pretty as the wedding party you are photographing, and you’ll always wonder how those Hackney horses trot uphill so fast while I peddle my bike so slow.  But you know what I love?  I love starting out a wedding work day as “just the photographer”, and ending up feeling like I’ve made 30 new friends.  And that’s when you realize that #sweatydirtyhappy is really a thing. And it’s the best. 

ABOUT THE PHOTO:  The horses. The wedding carriage. A fabulous couple. The Mighty Mac. The water. Sunshine.  Check, check, check… What more could we pack into this photo to describe a perfect Mackinac Island wedding!?

The weekend is fast approaching… so I’m drinking the coffee, cleaning the camera’s, and gearing up for a big double header weekend. Coffee cup cheers to everyone ready to tackle the next few days right along with me!

Wedding Coordinator: Mackinac Event Planning

Venue: Windermere Point & Hotel Iroquois, Mackinac Island

Wedding Carriage: Gough Carriages



Mackinac Island Wedding Carriage Ride